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Who is Trixie Belden?


Trixie Belden is the 'other' girl detective who enthralled millions of girls with her exciting adventures and mystery-solving skills along with her best friend, Honey Wheeler; the boy she was not-so-secretly in love with, Jim Frayne; and the members of a semi-secret club, the Bob-Whites of the Glen. The series was published by various companies, but was finally acquired by Random House. Unfortunately, the books are no longer published, and Trix and friends were doomed to be teenagers forever.


Fanfiction to the Rescue!

Seaching the web one day, I stumbled across numerous stories written by very talented authors who have many different viewpoints on what the future held when the Bob-Whites were no longer teenagers. With the encouragement of an extremely talented and lovely friend (you know who you are, Mylee!) I decided to jump into the fray with my vision of what happened next.

About the Stories...

This site is proudly associated with Jixemitri.net, a wonderful site where you can read lots of additional stories by excellent authors, talk to the most fun people on earth who share your obsession with all things Trixie, and find a safe haven where folks actually respect one another.

Therefore, the stories on this site are rated according to the Jix Ratings System, which is explained here. Certain stories may require a password, which is obtainable by emailing the Jix team with your birthdate at password@jixemitri.net. I cannot provide the password for Red Star stories, and you do have to be 18 or older to view.


Trixie Belden is a registered trademark of Random House. This site is not a subsidiary nor is approved by Random House. Characters and settings are used for entertainment purposes only and are not for profit.



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