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I am a proud Jerseygirl, born, bred and with that distinctive accent dese, dem and dose -or so I'm told!
A word about how I see Trixie & Co. Oh my, my little heart went pitter-patter when Jim gave Trix that bracelet! I will always write Jim and Trixie together, although to get together they may date others in my AU. I truly believe they are soul-mates. The rest of the crew...not so adamant. My universes include Slices of Life, Sleepyside Style which are short, mostly unconnected stories; New York State of Mind Universe, all about our guys growing up and going to school; Gleeps! This Isn't The Same  Ol' Sleepyside which will contain very AU stories; Scary Stuff - I think you can figure that one out; and everything else that's fit to print which will contain odds and ends, and anything more I can dream up. The newest universe is Harvard Hunks, which follows Trixie, Jim and the other BWGs and their children in no order (rated Red Star)


I would also like to take minute of your time to thank Mylee for her encouragement and support. I never, ever would have posted my first story -Aftershock - (I still can't believe people like them!) without her nudging me along, editing and publishing my stories at her site. She is one of the most talented, creative authors I have ever read, So go ahead and take a peek over at if you haven't already!

I also would like to give a shout out to Jo (JJsGirl) and Jenny, who nudge me, edit for me, and provide love, warmth, and friendship, even though I am a cranky old broad.

I've also found much support and encouragement from the wonderful people over at If you love Trixie - or Honey - or even Mr. Maypenny and Fleagle, then that's the place to be! Please click on over there to our wonderful community, and the authors are gleeps, fabulous! You'll find many, many stories and it's fun to see the differing viewpoints on how the Bob-Whites grew up. You'll also find a community of incredibly kind, funny, and charming people who will welcome you with open arms!

Of course, Trix and company belong to Random House, and my stories are written with great respect and absolutely no profit.

I'd love to hear from you! You can email me here.

joycey aka bundysbaby



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