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Welcome to the everything else that's fit to print universe!

Well, it's not really a universe, but a collection of odds 'n ends that don't fit into my other universes. Holiday stories, quirky one-shots and maybe even some challenge stories in the future!


Christmas Magic

Mrs. Claus is being very naughty this year! A giftfic for my lovely editors Mylee & Cindy & the Smushsisters, who allow me to edit their wonderful stories!

Christmas Mischief

My first Secret Santa story, written for the lovely and talented Janice! Trixie is stuck in the office Christmas Eve eve; a blizzard is raging outside and there are some mysterious doings at the deli across the street…

Christmas Treats

A 2012 Christmas gift surprise for my two favoritist Smushies in the whole world, Jo and Jenny. A Christmas Elf story of a different kind…

Christmas Mystry

A surprise 2013 giftfic for my CCC – Jo, Jenny, Donna & CLynn. Elmer the Elf has a mystery to solve at the North Pole, and really needs his detective… or does he? Follow up to Christmas Magic and Christmas Mischief

Christmas Angel

I couldn’t participate in the Secret Santa in 2013, but a couple of us got together in December to try and prolong the holiday spirit. This is my little offering. Jim has everything he ever wanted. All except one little thing.

Christmas Belles

Uh-oh! There’s help needed at the North Pole again. The fourth installment of the Elmer the Elf stories. It would be best if you read Christmas Magic, Christmas Mischief and Christmas Mystry first!

Christmas Presence

The North Pole calls for assistance once again. The fifth installment of the Elmer the Elf stories. It would be best if you read Christmas Magic, Christmas Mischief, Christmas Mystry and Christmas Belles first!

Christmas Kisses

2014 Christmas surprise for Jo & Jenny. Sometimes, it feels like centuries before the right one comes along. 

Christmas Delivery

2015 Christmas surprise for Jo & Jenny. Pizzas, bicycles and Porsches. It could only happen in New York City! 

Christmas Sleigh Spells

Sometimes, Christmas magic doesn’t come from wayward elves, snarky reindeer, or special cookies.


2016 Christmas surprise for Jo & Jenny and a special shout out to CLO. A tree called The Old Lady, Rockefeller Center, and a summer rom-com filmed in the December cold…

A Christmas Tale

2017 Christmas surprise for Jo & Jenny. A chance meeting at a party, an old, abandoned church in the preserve leads right into another AU…

Crimper’s Christmas Crookies

Elmer the Elf makes a return in a reboot of the Christmas Elf series. Grandpa Crimper has a favor to ask of the curly-headed one…

A Gypsy, a Tramp, Some Christmas Thieves and a Redhead

2018 Christmas AU set in Mead’s Mountain…

Kidnapping Kris Kringle

Elmer the Elf has the flu; Ernie the Elf steps in to save the day with a little assistance from Justin Frayne.

A Very Bobby Christmas

My 2019 secret Santa giftee is the lovely PatB/Amygirl.  So, you know the story has to star her little love, Bobby Belden, growing up a bit as he learns some lessons about the gift of friendship. 

Be Wicked

My second 2019 secret Santa giftee is the lovely Luanne. Paul Trent, a wicked elf, a jealous reindeer, and a plot to expose all that is wrong at the North Pole add to the stress Santa and the elves experience at this time of year.  Who's he gonna call?


Non-Holiday Stories

The Tale of the Hail

Written for CWE #6. Jim and Trixie are the stars in a scene from one of my top ten movies. See if you can guess what it is!

White Orchids

Written for CWE #5. A strange little ditty about revenge and someone’s favorite flower.

Handlebar Heaven

Written for Jo Smush for her birthday. An old Schwinn bike is unearthed in the Beldens’ barn… and leads to some special smush for a couple of BWGs.

Crystal Clear

Jim gets a glimpse of the future.

Jim’s Dragon

A birthday giftfic for Jenny. Strange happenings bedevil Jim as he and Trixie await their big day.

The Scarlet Swan

A couple of swells hire a down and out private eye to get their Swan back.

A Bun in Her Oven

Jim, Trixie, and an AU birthday surprise for Jo!






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