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Take a Greyhound on the Hudson River Line and come on over to the Empire State to visit Trixie, Jim, Honey and the rest of the gang as they pursue their dreams and goals…and maybe a bad guy or two…

Yellow Star


Someone new at Sleepyside Junior-Senior High School has set his sights on Trixie...and Jim's away at college...

Tabloid Trix

A twisted serial killer known as the Dollmaker. All the Bob-Whites living in New York City. Paul Trent and a plan for revenge. It all collides in Tabloid Trix.

Them’s Fightin’Words

Jim and Trixie survived the Dollmaker, but can they survive each other when tempers fray?

Red Star


Turbulent waters are ahead for the Bob-Whites as they grow and evolve… and danger lurks for Trixie and Honey.


The tiniest thing can have huge repercussions. A four-part story posted in its entirety.

The Preying Mantis

A hospital for the criminally insane. A devious, dangerous serial killer. An investigative reporter. It all adds up to perilous times for Trixie and Honey.  




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