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Let’s take a walk on the…dark side of the street. You know. The place where the sun never quite reaches. Where shadows seem to slither and coil, just waiting for that moment for their icy fingers to reach out and grab your ankles…and pull you into that suffocating... inky.... blackness.

And you won’t even have time to…scream.


Someone is obsessed with Trixie...and it's not who you think! Rated Red Star for graphic imagery.


What Lies Beneath… A Return to  Cobbett’s Island
An end-of-summer blast turns into a dangerous mystery… because the players are mostly dead.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 Part 5 Part 6


The Witches of Sleepyside

Danger lurks in the quiet little village. Can the BWG females choose wisely?


It Grows

All the horror tropes for this creepy tale of monsters, both real and supernatural.



Zombies of Sleepyside

Things are getting really strange in Sleepyside just in time for the Halloween Ball...


Once Upon a Time
A wolf is loose in Sleepyside, and some intrepid hunters are on the prowl...


The Sleepyside Horror

There’s a part of the preserve called the Labyrinth…a part no-one ever goes into, not even Mr. Maypenny. Until one fine day a curious Trixie sees something…strange…


The Garlic Run

Tad Webster has found the perfect woman…in a parking lot at a New Jersey Mall. Or has he?


The Microsoft Conspiracy

A couple of Midwest transplants find NYC is a tough town in which to succeed…


Set in Stone

A disheveled man stumbles into Baker St. Investigators with a frightening tale…



Cleaning can be a killer!



Just what happened during those five years she was gone?


The Secret in the Preserve

The forest holds many mysteries…






The Pretty Gray Kitty

They say confession is good for the soul.


Maxie’s Miracle Mud

Some people will do anything to be beautiful.






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