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Stories below are Blue Star unless otherwwise noted


Moonlight & Crabapples

What did Peter & Helen observe in the orchard one night?




Jim is making a beeline for the E.R. Find out why!


The Bracelet

Peter’s reaction to Trixie’s new silver wrist accessory.

Watchin’ the Tide Roll Away

Someone is watching the curly-haired blonde in the hammock and musing about summers past.



Home Alone

A storage room, a couple of aspiring detectives, and a childhood memory.



Lake Effect

Eavesdrop on one of our favorite couples during a nighttime frolic on a frozen lake.

In Her Garden

A late summer, lazy afternoon, just right for drowsing amongst the blooms.

What Dreams May Come

Dreams do come true.





Brian & Jim are leaving for college and everything is changing.


The Balcony, Popcorn and You

Join Brian and Honey as they discuss an embarrassing incident at the Cameo.




They happen, even when you don’t want them to.

If These Walls Could Talk

They do, if you know how to listen.



Sin & Skin

The girls are on the loose in the Big Apple, and anything goes.



Murder on the Acela Express

Dreams die, too.


Something Wonderful

Snow, ice, & brrr bring warm feelings


Tastes Like…

Was it wise to let gourmand Mart choose the restaurant?



Just Like Romeo and Juliet

It will never last.


Spring Fling

What happened after that awkward  invitation to the dance?



Missile Toe

Robert Belden narrates his version of events.



A steamy summer night, a moonlit swim, and a lawnmower.



The Orchard at Midnight

Peter is thinking about life during his late-night ramble.

Me, M.E.

Brian embarks on his life journey.

Medical Detective

Brian’s next steps



Summer of Love

Our favorite duo and the first blush of love.


Once Upon a Balcony

A sweet, smushy tale about Prom and not-quite-breaking the rules.



Daddy’s Girl and the Fearsome Five

Mama is gone and Daddy gets out-manuevered.

Crabapple Farm Tales

Vignettes about the Beldens.




Peter & Helen




Letting Go

A survivor wrestles with guilt.





Stories below are Yellow Star.


Matters of the Heart

Trixie gets tired of waiting. And waiting.


The Temptation of Brian Belden

Will he or won’t he? Our other honorable Bob-White faces a personal challenge.



The Great Underwear Incident

Mix in some bleach, Mart, Trixie, Jim, and SJSHS and you have…


Scenes from a Marriage, I & II

Snippets about J/T married life.





A coffee shop, a pretty blonde, and some Tequila!


Just Desserts

Written for Amy’s tribute. The ladies have an idea, but convincing the guys…




The courtship of Trixie’s grandparents.


Pizza & Beer

Mart and Dan make a not-so-legal beer run.




A major argument erupts over a bag of Doritos.


Let Her Eat Cake

Jim decides it’s not too difficult to make Trixie a cake for her 18th.




Stories below are Red Star



Tequila Too!

The adult version of Tequila!


Wicked Wanda’s

Is it a dress shop? A deli? Join the moms as they investigate.




A love that transcends.


A Thousand Words

Facebook can change lives unimaginable a few years ago.




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